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Kali Dukowski

Kali Dukowski


Having pursued education in both psychology and art, I was ultimately led to art therapy where I found my niche. After graduating from Emily Carr, I found that the meaning of art for me was situated not in the commercial arts world, but rather in the healing arts world. I had discovered more consciously that the making of art heals, inspires, challenges, and has the potential to connect one to their possibilities in the world and the wonder of it. In making art, we see things anew.

In my practice since 1992 as an art therapist, I have worked extensively in agencies with women who have suffered severe trauma, sexually reactive children, and First Nations children as well as private practice. My work has included methods for treating trauma such as EMDR. More recently, I have completed a Master’s degree in expressive arts therapy (EXA) from the European Graduate School and am enrolled in the doctoral program where my emphasis of study has been on trauma and numinous experience. I am dedicated to the healing arts and as such am enthusiastic to welcome others into pursuing a similar journey.

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