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Linda Reid

Linda Reid


I can honestly say that the Dalai Lama made me do it…become an art therapist, that is.  Meeting His Holiness in 1988 while working on a CBC documentary was a life altering experience.  Although it would take another five years for the seed that was planted then to bear fruit, it was the beginning of a transformative journey that culminated in my decision to leave the frantic world of television production to pursue a graduate degree in psychology.  In a previous incarnation (adolescence), it had been my dream to work as a psychotherapist but early marriage and the birth of two wonderful children took centre stage for many years.

 As a registered clinical counsellor and family therapist, Linda has spent many years working in non-profit agencies and in private practice. Despite the serious nature of the work, Linda brings creativity, compassion and humour to her clinical practice. She has worked extensively with children and families who are in transition or are working to overcome the impact of historical trauma and family addiction.

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