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Lois Woolf

Lois Woolf

Former Director

I was fortunate enough to complete my training at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute in 1973 with my mentor, Dr. Martin A Fischer, the Toronto psychiatrist. In 1982, encouraged by him I set up the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. In my early days as an art therapist I was active in the art therapy associations in Ontario and British Columbia as well as the Canadian Art Therapy Association. During those years I also worked as an art therapist in schools, private practice and agencies. In those days the opportunities were mostly with children but as time went on I found myself working more and more with adult clients. Once the institute was established my life’s path focused on training art therapists. Since then, developing the institute programs and watching the profession grow has been my reward.

Lois Woolf is founder and former director of the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute.

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