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Lori Boyko

Lori Boyko

(B.ed, MC:AT, CCC, RCAT)
Final Project Advisor

Lori has worked in the art therapy field since 1996. She brings her experiences as a Teacher, life-long Learner and Creator to her work in her private practice in Rural Manitoba. She trained as an Educator, Art Therapist, Sand Play Therapist, EMDR Therapist, Inner Relationship Focusing Therapist and has a Master’s of Counselling with an Art Therapy Specialization. Her interest in body – centered work, the practice of mindfulness, other creative therapeutic modalities and Inner Relationship Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy have impacted her current work with clients and that has strengthened the effectiveness of the therapeutic process.

Currently Lori’s work passions include the application of Art Therapy within the school system and the efficacy of Art and Expressive Arts Therapy in working within the area of Trauma Therapy. She has also developed a curiosity about assessment and the art therapy process.

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