About Vati

Michelle Winkel


Current Director at CIIAT, instructor at VATI in Vancouver, IPATT in Bangkok, JIPATT in Tokyo and past Executive Director at BCSAT, Michelle graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a Masters degree in Clinical Art Therapy. There, she worked in diverse settings in Los Angeles, including hospitals, schools, and community agencies, which solidified her faith in art therapy. She was on faculty at LMU teaching group art therapy.

She focuses on family and group work, and believes in the creative process to shift most challenges and mental health issues. Michelle later completed a fellowship in Infant-Parent Mental Health at Harvard Children’s Hospital, continuing her love of child and family work. Winkel is the co-author with Dr. Maxine Junge of Graphic Facilitation and Art Therapy: Imagery and Metaphor in Organizational Development.

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