About Vati

Sarah Van Norman

Sarah Van Norman

Project Advisor, Instructor

I come to art therapy from an anthropological background, having obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s in this area before falling in love with art therapy. Consequently, I am passionate about exploring the ways that ethnography and critical anthropological theory can strengthen art therapy research.

In my past life, I was the director of VATI. I made the decision to leave my role in order to complete my PhD research in expressive arts therapy and education. I am focusing on the ways that neuroscience findings reconfirm what arts therapists already do as part of good practice. I am using this information, and neuroscience findings on learning to look at the relationship between therapy and learning, and using this to develop graduate-level arts-based curriculum in ways that best support the adult learner.

My style of advising is flexible and reflective of the amount of energy that I see students themselves putting in to their projects. I like to work with students based on your personal, professional, and academic needs and establish mutual expectations based on reflection in these areas.

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