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Shelley Dales

Shelley Dales

Project Advisor / Instructor

Shelley’s experiences with art therapy and other interdisciplinary studies have led her to be drawn to the newer body-based trauma models – and interpersonal neurobiological models – that explain the enduring impact of early relational trauma on emotional and social development. She is interested in the current research which is illuminating our understandings about the early developing, emotion processing right brain and which offers support for inter-subjective models of psychotherapy. She is inspired by how this research lends itself to the affirmation of the potentialities and effectiveness of art therapy.

Shelley graduated from VATI in 2001 and in 2007 she received her Master’s of Counselling through the Campus Alberta Applied Psychology Program. Her final project was published on the impact of early attachment trauma and the helpful qualities of the therapeutic relationship (Dales, S., & Jerry, P., 2008). Attachment, affect regulation and mutual synchrony in adult psychotherapy, American Journal of Psychotherapy, 62(3), 283-312). Having been a meditation practitioner since 1982, Shelley has co-facilitated meditation group trainings in Canada, USA and Europe since 1997.

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