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Susanna Ruebsatt

Susanna Ruebsatt


Susanna Ruebsaat PhD (c) has done extensive research in the process of image making in the capacities of artist, art therapist and art educator. Her primary focus is the relationship between image and image-maker through the exploration of inner processes both verbally and/or through art making, work which addresses healing trauma, and creating balance in the personality and workplace. This inquiry can then encourage the development of insight. Susanna incorporates a Jungian approach in her work that allows for the archetypal perspective to frame the process.

Susanna Ruebsaat has a BFA, Teaching Certificate, Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy, Master’s in Art Education and is presently completing her doctoral studies exploring the role of image in the relationship between perception and consciousness. She has presented her work at several national and international conferences. Susanna has written two theses and numerous articles on the primacy of image in the human psyche, and how this process of inner inquiry accesses the creative core.

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