The 15-month diploma program is a blended or hybrid program that combines the benefits  of face-to-face classroom learning with flexible, online learning and discussions. It has been designed to leverage the strengths of each learning modality.

The following courses are offered during weekend seminars that occur once a month throughout the duration of the program, beginning in September:

  • Ethics of Art Therapy
  • Studio: Art Therapy Trainings and Techniques (ongoing monthly)
  • Supervision (ongoing monthly)
  • Assessment
  • Research Methods
  • Family Art Therapy
  • Group Art Therapy
  • Who Do You Think You Are: The Business of Art Therapy
  • Case Studies

Clinical Placement Requirements: Over the span of the program, 700 hours of art therapy practical experience will be gained through an approved local school/agency/hospital, 350 of which are direct client contact hours. As well, students are encouraged to seek out practicum sites that may interest them that are not included currently on our active list of practicum sites. The initial practicum placements tend to be at an elementary school in the lower mainland, with 4-6 hours of client contact per week. Practicums do not begin until late October, after foundational courses have been taken. In January, students add a second practicum placement based on the client population they are interested in. On average, students should be logging 10-12 practicum hours a week by February. Students are welcome to engage in more than two practicum placements over the span of the 15 months.

Students begin the online component of the program in the second month. The following courses are offered sequentially online:

  • Child Art Therapy
  • Adolescent Art Therapy
  • History and Theories
  • Human Development and Art Therapy
  • Abnormal Psychology and Art Therapy
  • Equity and Diversity
  • The Art of Loss

Students will also complete a final project. The final project is offered as guided independent study. Working with a final project advisor, students will research a topic of personal interest related to the field of art therapy.

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