About Vati

Tatjana Jansen

Executive Director

Art, like ritual, is a child of the imagination; it is a way of making meaning and expressing longing. Over the last 25 years, I have been privileged to witness how creative expression can help clients reduce stress, communicate difficult issues, and even transform and transfigure traumatic events imaginatively.

Tatjana Jansen graduated from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute in 1992. Since then, she has worked extensively in a variety of non-profit agencies, with her area of specialization being trauma counselling.  She has also worked in the field of grief and loss, and completed a PhD on the topic of  grief and the expressive therapies. In her dissertation Taking Leave of Our Senses: Ruminations on Grief and Comprehending the Incomprehensible she focused on the liminality of grief and mourning in embracing the boundaries between life and death; the disenfranchisement of grief in Western culture is such that despite the fact that grief and mourning are universal aspects of our experience of love and love lost, we still silence grief, relegating it largely to a private experience and expression.

Tatjana has been involved with VATI since 1997 in different roles including online curriculum development, course instruction, and clinical supervision.

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