15-Month Art Therapy Diploma

The 15-month diploma program has been offered through the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute since 1982; over the last 30 years, it has changed with respect to the service delivery model, compressed from what was initially a 2-year program to a 15-month program. The current program is a blended program that combines face-to-face and online learning; the face-to-face component is conducted once a month over a weekend, accommodating students who work during the week.

While the pace of the program is quite intense, graduates come away with a thorough understanding of art therapy; this includes the personal and experiential component through the studio class, the academic component through relevant course work, and lastly, the clinical component through placements in the community and supervision. The final project allows for a synthesis of all of these components.

The faculty of the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute is diverse with respect to background and areas of specialization; we are interested as a school in offering the highest calibre of instruction, with a number of our faculty (and graduates) having been published in areas of research pertaining to art therapy. As we are motivated to ongoing curriculum development, we continue to engage in our own training and professional development, including doctoral studies in the case of two faculty members.

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