We are in the process of adding an expressive arts program to VATI’s educational offerings. Expressive arts therapy is a multi-modality, integrative approach to working with the creative arts.

Some information is provided below. Please contact Heather Dawson for further information:

VATI Expressive Arts Therapy Program

The VATI  Expressive Arts Therapy Program is an 800-hour career training for those who wish to obtain an Expressive Arts Therapy diploma.

There are 3 modules that are a part of the curriculum – Experiential Training, Theoretical Foundations, and Applied Practice. These modules run concurrently and total 500 in-class hours.

The curriculum includes experiential discovery through the arts, theory and philosophy of practice as well as engagement of the methods of arts-based therapy through fieldwork and reflective practice. We offer a unique perspective which fosters the understanding of theory, principles and practices in order to support social change and social action. Therefore, graduates can choose to apply their learning in a range of fields. For example: one-on-one expressive arts therapy, education, health and wellness, community organizations, community service and social activism.

In addition, each student will complete a 150-hour off-site Practicum component and 150 hours of Client Administration (non-client contact hours) – a total of 300 hours.



Domestic Applicants

Application Fee = $75
Registration Fee (paid on acceptance) = $175
Tuition = $13,500
Total: $13,750

International Applicants

Application Fee = $75
Registration Fee (paid on acceptance) = $175
Tuition = $14,000
Total: $14,250


For more information about the Expressive Arts Program, please contact:

Heather Dawson



Vancouver Art Therapy Institute
291 E. 2nd Ave.
Vancouver, BC V5T 1B8
Phone: 604-681-8284